Why is My Hamster Shaking and Breathing Heavy?

Hamsters are beloved pets for some of us, and there’s nothing as bad as seeing them in pain. Regarding pain, shaking, and heavy breathing is considered the topmost issues for Hamsters. Now, if you wonder, “why is my hamster shaking and breathing heavily”, you should first look out for wheezing and sneezing with nasal discharge. … Read more

What Does Hamster Eat?

People often make a mistake by thinking that hamsters can only eat seeds, grains, and nuts. But this is a totally wrong idea. Hamsters are actually omnivorous, meaning they can eat both plants and meat. And it is recommended that a pet hamster’s food contain 5 percent fat with 16 percent protein. Hamsters can eat … Read more

What Can I Give My Hamster to Chew On?

Hamsters are amazing animals and are great companions if you want to keep one as a pet. However, if you already have one, you might have already discovered that hamsters are addicted to chewing bars. The next thing that will pop into your mind is, “what can I give my Hamster to chew on?” Yes, … Read more

How to Keep Your Hamster Warm During the Winter?

Your Hamster leads a very safe and secured life in a well-arranged habitat. It remains busy all day long with lots of activities like passing through the tunnel, running with the wheel, etc. Also, hamsters stay spontaneous in their habitat when a suitable nature is provided here. Otherwise, a hamster gets cozy. To prevent the … Read more

How To Feed A Hamster?

Hamsters are adorable animals to pet. But if you are new to petting a hamster and want to keep your little friend for a long time by your side, you have to know how to feed a hamster. Start by getting the right equipment like a feeding bowl and water bottle. Choose the ideal food … Read more