How To Potty Train A Hamster?

Hamsters are well-trained and naturally clean pets. But if you do not control their movements, their potty might spread a foul odor all over the cage and your house. This will take you a long time to clean. It may be the only disadvantage of petting a hamster. Luckily, as hamsters are fast learners, you … Read more

How to Make Your Hamster Happy?

If what you’re doing over and over is getting you nowhere, perhaps you just need a happy hamster in your life. The adorable little critters can make a unique and friendly addition to your family. Whether you’re just starting or an everlasting hamster fan, there are always things you can learn about how to make … Read more

How To Stop Your Hamster Biting The Cage?

Gnawing on nearer things is a common and natural phenomenon to a hamster. As a pet lover, would you want to take any risk for your pet? We are much confident that nobody would. The topic we’ll discuss in this article may find your negligence. But tagging the chew as a common problem should not … Read more

How Long Does A Hamster Live?

When you get a pet, the first question that will come to your mind is how long you can spend time with your pet. Unfortunately, the lifespan is not that great in terms of a hamster. So, how long does a hamster live? The lifespan of a hamster is about two years. But at most, … Read more

Can You Use Sand for Hamster Bedding?

Hamsters love digging and making tunnels. So, you can’t use rugged materials for their bedding. Elements like wood, paper, or aspen shaving can be used though not all the items provide every convenience. However, sand can be an appropriate solution. A hamster can burrow, create tunnels, and even pee on it. Also, your cleaning procedures … Read more